Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take custom orders?
-We are open to custom inquiries about paint finish, wood species and leather colour. We also offer custom graphics and branding. Please contact us for a quote.

2. Why is the stool so expensive?
-It was important to us that the stool be designed and built to last a lifetime. It is locally made using only the best materials. We use virgin aluminum, polycarbonate as well as solid wood veneers, full grain analine leathers and the best possible finishes. Each design choice was answered with the question “does this make the stool better?”

3. Will the silicone parts damage my guitar finish?
- The contact points on the stool are made from fully cured molded silicone and have no effect on your guitar finish, unlike some of the guitar polishes that contain silicone which can cause damage.

4. Why does the stool have a plastic seat?
- We chose the polycarbonate seat because it was durable, comfortable and took a finish well. We tried aluminum, wood and several different plastics, each having major drawbacks. The polycarbonate proved to be the best suited for the seat by far.

5. How durable is the finish?
- The base is powder coated which makes it incredibly durable. The seat is finished in a high build pre-catalyzed ceramic lacquer. Once cured it is very hard to damage.

6. Does the stool come with a warranty?
- We stand behind our product. If the stool breaks from normal use we will repair or replace it.

7. Will it hold any instrument?
- The guitar stool is designed to hold most stringed instruments. Acoustic and electric guitars and basses. It will also hold a banjo.

8. Where is the stool made?
- The stool is made in toronto, canada. Each piece of the stool is made in small local shops and finished by experienced artisans.

9. Do you offer quantity discounts?
- We do offer discount pricing, available on request

10. What are the dimensions of the stool?
- Feel free to email us with any questions about the dimensions of the stool. The rough outside dimensions are 15” wide x 22” deep x 25” high.