About Us

The Guitar Stool Team


Combined, Dan and Tony have been designing and building custom furniture for over 50 years and playing guitar for even longer. The Guitar Stool is an idea we had been throwing back and forth for a long time. Inspiration struck one afternoon in the shop, when we came up with the idea of shaping the seat like a guitar and bending it to fit the body. A wooden base for the stool was built later that afternoon.

The two years that followed saw many improvements to the design. Our  philosophy has always been to refine a design to it's simplest elements, and then make sure each of those elements is made from a material best suited for its purpose. Our products are built completely in Canada and we can tell you the name of everyone who has a hand in producing these stools, and that means a lot to us. There is a true handmade quality to every stool we produce, which gives each one a unique character. As more products start to appear in our store, you can rest assured that each one will have a thoughtful design, and be constructed from the best materials available.