Martin's Two Millionth Guitar

December 20, 2016 1 Comment

Martin's Two Millionth Guitar

Since the  C.F. Martin & Company company sold its first guitar in 1833, it's hit some pretty impressive milestones and shaped the guitar-making industry.

1850's - Developed the X-bracing system

1929 - Developed the 14-fret neck, allowing for higher notes

1930 - Released the dreadnought guitar

1979 - Opened its custom shop

1990 - Built its 500 thousandth guitar

2004 - Built its millionth guitar

And now, in 2016, the company has built it's 2 millionth guitar. Chris Martin IV, Martin’s chairman and CEO recalls, “Someone said to me, ‘Chris, you know the two-millionth Martin guitar is rapidly approaching, do you want to commemorate it in a similar way that you did the millionth guitar?’ And I said. ‘Absolutely.’” That commemoration comes in the form of a D-200, with a stunningly unique watch work design, which symbolizes the passage of time and their customers' shared love of fine guitars and fine watches. 

“There is a connection between people who like fine guitars and fine watches, and we’ve decided to bring those two together,” Chris Martin says. “It’s something pretty special.”

The the company's partnership with watch makers RGM, and the process of making this milestone guitar, is beautifully described in this video. Enjoy!



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Ken Duff
Ken Duff

January 13, 2017

Always had great admiration and respect for the company and their products until they started buying up good guitar makers to kill their product.

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