Make an Electric Guitar out of a Shovel

December 15, 2016 1 Comment

Make an Electric Guitar out of a Shovel

Here at The Guitar Stool, we like to make stuff! We like to make stuff that we see out in the world, and we like to make stuff that we just think up. That's how The Guitar Stool began! We also like to watch other people make stuff.

Enter Bob Clagett. Bob likes to make stuff. In fact, he has a whole YouTube channel devoted to the stuff he makes, and he calls it, "I Like to Make Stuff." You can see why we like Bob.  

Earlier this year, Bob made a one-string, electric guitar out of a common garden shovel. It's such a fun-looking project! Watch the step-by-step video; it might just inspire you to make your own!

Bob made the shovel guitar for fellow YouTuber, Rob Scallon. Here's Rob rocking out on Bob's shovel guitar. 

We hope you enjoyed these guys as much as we did. For more great musical instrument projects, check out Make Your Own Musical Instrument. Now, we're heading out to the shed to see what tools we have lying around...

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December 16, 2016

A rake allows you to go 12 string

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